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Single Race Creation

Creating a Single Race

1)Click on Events, then click Add Event

2) Enter your event information in the Add Event box, using Create New for Facility or choosing an existing Facility

3) Click Next

4) Fill out the next screen the same way, adding full URLs by copying and pasting from your web browser for Flyer Link and Entry Form Link

5) Click Save

6) The Event you just created will show up on the Events screen. Click it to Expand.

7) Click Add Race

8) Choose Single Race

9) Fill out your race information using Create New for any custom formats or settings. Race Config saves the settings that you choose so that you can select it later on to recreate the same type of race.

10) Class is used to track points across races. There are some built in classes or you can create your own. If you are not tracking points, you don’t need a Class.

11) Enable Penalty Auto No Time puts all of the hit barrels in a class of No Times instead of letting them fall into the last D. This is the most common choice.

12) PreDraw and Draw and Run Notifications are for text and email notifications. They will be sent to the Contestants entered in your race who have the notifications enabled in their Contestant record. PreDraw Notifications send as soon as a predraw number is assigned to the Entry. This number is subject to change, especially if you are using the Auto Draw option. The more common practice is only to send Draw and Run Notifications. This feature sends a text/email with a draw number when you process your entries and with run information when the contestant’s run is saved.

13) Sync Race to Web and Real Time Race Results allow your Race and Run information to be sent to

14) The built in Payout Configurations can be viewed on the Manage Screen under Payout Config and Payout Dist Type. The NBHA and BBR Payout Percentages are 80%.  You can override this with a percentage of your choice. You can also create your own custom configurations.

15) Click Finish

16) Review your race information and click Save & Close