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Entering Contestants by Race in PHSports

Entering Contestants by Race

1)Navigate to the Events page
2)Click on the Event that you want to take entries in and it will expand
3)The races you have already created will show up in your Event
4)Click on the down arrow next to the race you want to take entries for and choose View Entries
5) You are now on the Entries screen, click the plus sign next to Entries to add an entry
6)A list of your contestants will come up. Click the plus sign to Add New Contestant or start typing in the Search bar to Select an existing contestant

7) The Add Entry screen will come up for the contestant you selected

8) Choose an existing contestant Horse Name or Create New Horse for this contestant

9) If Auto-Draw is enabled a Draw Number will be assigned. You can select Draw Short, Medium or Long to adjust the space between a contestant’s runs when they are entered on multiple horses. Draw Short tries to keep 15 runs between horses, Medium - 30 runs, and Long - 45 runs. These should be looked over before you process your entries to assign draw numbers. The computer is limited depending on how many entries you have.

10) Select any Side Pots or Carry Overs that are associated with this specific run. If you don’t see races under Carry Overs check the box under Edit Race that says Allow run carry overs to other races (Events screen)

11) Click Save Entry to Enter this Contestant and Horse in the race with this pre draw number

12) Edit Entry with the icon to the left of your Contestant

13) To Delete an Entry, click the Edit Icon and then choose Delete

12) When you are finished taking entries you will be ready to Process Entries. This will assign draw numbers to your entries by eliminating any blanks in the pre draw. Choose Process Remaining if you are finished taking entries. Choose Process True Up to send only entries up to the first blank draw number to the run screen. This way, you can keep your entries open and continue to draw contestants into the blank draw number slots. (When an entry is processed, a text will be sent to the contestant with their draw number if you have Draw and Run Notifications checked for this race.)

13) True To: will tell you where the first blank in pre draw numbers is. Duplicate Draw Number will alert you that you have duplicates in your pre draw numbers. If you Process Entries with duplicates, the system will assign unique numbers in the order they appear

14) Text message will send a text to everyone entered in this race. For example, if you have a rain delay. This option is also available on the Run Screen and sends a text to the same group of entries.

15) View available Reports. You can print these reports or export them. We recommend that you have a PDF viewer to export to (Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free download). If your report is multiple pages, you will scroll through them with the arrows at the top of your Report Viewer. There are more reports on the Run Screen.