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Running a Race

Running a Race
1)You will be ready to run your Race when you have processed your entries and have runs showing up under Still to Go on your run screen
2)You can get to the run screen by clicking the down arrow next to your race on the Events page or by clicking Run Race from your Entries screen
3)You will find your Announcer’s List and Draw Sheets as well as other tools under Reports. Use the Race Backup Report to save a simple report that easily exports to Excel in case of emergencies
4)Hook up your timer under Displays, Timer Setup
5)You have the option to Unprocess Sign Ups under System. This will send all of the runs under Still To Go back to the Entries screen with their pre draw numbers so that you can edit them or enter contestants in between them

6) To start entering times click inside the Run Time box. If connected, the timer feed will populate the Run Time and you can click Enter or Save Run to save the time

7)  Add Penalties at any time by clicking the + and sign by Penalties

8) A text message will be sent to the contestant when their run is saved if you have Draw and Run Notifications checked for the race

9) No Time will assign the run a no time

10) Scratch will ask if you want to refund the entry fee money or not before

marking the run a scratch

11)  Roll Run will roll the run to the end

12) To edit a run time that has already been saved, click the edit icon to the

right of the run. Correct the time. Click Edit Run or hit Enter to save the change.

12) When all of your run times are entered, click Results and Generate Payout/Points

13) View your results on the Results Report

14) When you are ready for your race to be marked complete on the website, Click Post Race and Post Completed Race

15) If you are running a multi – go race, you may now click Round Generation to generate your next go or short go

16) To Generate Next Round, choose the draw order and enter how many Runs you want in Each Perf (if applicable). Click Generate.