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Creating a new PHsports Account

1) Go to
2)  Click Login
3) Click Producer
4) Click Producer Login
5) Enter your email address and a password of your choice, then click Create Account
6) Login with this email and password

7) Fill out the General information tab and click Save. This information is for our records only and will not be public on the website.

8) Click on the Stripe Account tab

9) Click Connect your stripe account and fill out the information to create a new Stripe Account from the next screen.

Note: Stripe is a widely used and very reputable company that provides services similar to PayPal and allows us to separate your online entry fees and our convenience fees in one step. The bank account information you provide can be updated at any time for your deposits. You will be asked to enter a password that includes an uppercase character, a special character and a number for your Stripe account. You will log into Stripe with these credentials at to manage your funds. Stripe also has a user-friendly app for your convenience.
10) You will see Stripe Account Connected under the Stripe Account tab when your account is successfully created and linked.

11) Navigate to the Subscription tab to start your free trial

12) Choose your subscription and click Confirm

13) Enter your credit or debit card information and zip code

The card you specify will be used for your subscription charges. Your subscription can be cancelled or updated from this tab at any time. Your card will not be charged until your trial period is over.

14) Click Start Subscription. Your status will say Trialing or Active when started.

15) Click Downloads then, PHSports Installer v1.0

16) At the bottom of your screen you will see the download. Click on the down arrow beside it and choose Open when done

17) If your installer hasn’t started, click the arrow again and choose Open or open the .exe file from your Downloads folder

18) You will be prompted by windows about the new file, click More Info

19) Choose Run Anyway

20) You will be asked to allow install, click Yes

21) A black dialog box will open. Enter V to view the PH Sports License Agreement and and Y to agree.

22) The software will begin downloading. The black dialog box will be open the remainder of the download. This may take 15-30 minutes, depending on your internet speed.

23) When the download is complete the box will read PHSports Installation complete. Press any key to continue...

22) You will see the PH Sports icon on your desktop, double click the icon to open

23) Log In with your email address and password

24) Choose Yes to Sync

25) You are ready to create your events