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About Our Software

PHsports is an end-to-end Event Management software with a simple, optional online entry feature. Primarily used for Barrel Racing, PHsports can currently be used for all timed events that include one horse and one rider (not teamed events.) 

Features For You:

  • Set up your events and races in minutes
  • Compile and maintain your personal contestant database
  • Sell entries, exhibitions, shavings and stalls, all online
  • Take entries locally with no internet service
  • Utilize built in payouts or create your own custom payouts
  • Connect a timer, print checks, post results in minutes
  • Export or print draw sheets, announcer’s lists, entry forms, and many more reports
  • View and share financial Reports
  • Track Averages
  • Track Points
  • Combine your events into a Series
  • Keep track of membership numbers for your Contestants
  • Results can be easily submitted to approved outlets such as Equistat and BBR
  • Network multiple computers together

Features For Your Contestants:

  • Text message / email notifications for draw numbers and/or run times
  • Real time results and draw numbers can be shared on
  • Linked rider accounts so that one person can enter multiple riders in one transaction
  • Your local contestants will be automatically notified when your schedule is public
  • Sell entries to multiple races, on different dates in one shopping cart transaction
  • Provide more customer service options with less work
  • Post rules and all event information in one spot

Hardware and Software Requirements:

  • 74
  • 20-Oct-2020